We won't
stop here

Like most ambitious goals, our work isn't done overnight. It's not something that can be reached through one team, one new initiative, or even one whole year's worth of hard work. It's a culmination of steady, consistent progress.

Right now, we are on our way up the mountain. We can see our goal at the peak and are steadily climbing toward it. There are changes, there are challenges, and there are setbacks.

But not once have we looked back.

While it is important to celebrate our past wins, our future lies at the summit. This summit is 2030, when 60% of Michigan residents hold degrees or postsecondary certificates; when college and opportunity are attainable and equitable for all Michigan residents; when communities across the state are stronger economically, going on to improve Michiganders' quality of life and position our state as an economic leader; and, most importantly, when expanding one's perspective and improving one's economic future is no longer a privilege, but an attainable reality.

Through last year's accomplishments and transitions, we have made monumental progress along our journey — and, though it won't always be easy, we are ready to take on the rest of the climb. We hope you'll join us in this pursuit.

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